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Health Coaching

What is an Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully as we navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for you. We take a look at why the one-size-fits-all approach to dieting hasn't worked for you; address those emotion barriers that drive you to make the food choices that don't serve you; work on ways to deal with overwhelming stress; and find the real source of those nagging cravings. These are just some of the areas I will cover as your coach, as we set goals and mould a plan that best serves YOU!

How does the program work?

My approach to coaching is individualised to suit your needs, in an online program. Coaching is done via Zoom and includes:

  • Comprehensive health history and evaluation

  • A non-judgemental space for you to express your health concerns and be heard

  • Support in setting goals to achieve your desired health outcomes

  • Online support between sessions

  • Access to membership including resources

  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals

  • And much more.

My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on my expertise, I work with my clients to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.

Each session will focus on helping you feel inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationships as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life.

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.

What will we cover in the program?

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

I will work with you to get in touch with your body’s needs because I understand that life happens and your needs will change. I want to equip you with the self-awareness to make the best decisions for yourself in any given circumstance. I believe each person is fully capable of making well-informed decisions as their own expert.

Let’s define what you value most from your well-being. We’ll use these visions to motivate specific goals that bring you closer to where you want to be. As your coach, I will not dictate a diet for you, but together we will explore why some foods make you feel better than others and how to strategically use that feedback. Together we’ll co-create your health goals within reasonable time frames and actionable objectives so you know exactly what you’re working toward.

I will provide you with the knowledge you need to help make better food choices, provide you with helpful recipes and tips to make cooking real, whole foods delicious and simple.  While we explore  why you make the food choices that you do that don't serve you.

As your coach we will filter through the stress in your life and look at your perceptions of pressure and urgency and work towards a more harmonious relationship within your nervous system.

My focus is on an holistic approach

It’s easy to overlook all of the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health, but all of the other factors present in our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these primary foods are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. I will support you in achieving all of your goals, from eating the right foods for your body to living an inspired, fulfilling life.

Do what works for you

The one-size-fits-all approach, and why this concept doesn't work.  Each of us have unique food and lifestyle needs, which are driven by our heritage, climate and genes. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets are not the answer and tend not to work long term. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and ancestral background.

Crowding Out

Often we are given a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat, which create restrictions and has a negative impact of the way we approach our food choices. My approach is different – by eating and drinking foods that are good for you, you will naturally have less room and desire for unhealthy foods. Simply put, you will crowd out the unhealthy food in your diet. This takes a little practice to make happen, but I will support you along the way.

Why you have cravings

Cravings play a critical role in understanding what your body needs and shouldn’t be ignored. When you learn how to deconstruct your cravings and understand what they’re really telling you, you will be able to reclaim a sense of balance and harmony.

What's on your plate

The emphasis will be, what's on your plate? The importance of local and organic produce, a high proportion of vegetables, whole grains, high-quality proteins, plant-based fats, and water. Address the importance of proportions and portion sizes. We will also consider what else surrounds your plate with lifestyle factors that create optimal health: relationship, career, physical activity and spirituality. I’ll introduce you to some of the healthiest foods on the planet and teach you how to find what’s healthiest for your unique body!

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