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Shae Lifestyle Therapy Store

Located in Korumburra.
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine including Tui na, Cupping, Gua Sha & Chinese Herbs coming in 2025.

A New Approach to Living & Staying Well

Shae Lifestyle is a holistic wellness brand offering you essential tools to live in rhythm with your body’s natural cycles. 

We offer Health Coaching, Manual Therapies and Natural Products that help to support your body and align to a natural state of flow.

Support your Body with
Natural Products

Take care of your health naturally, using natural products and resources that support are design to tone and support your health and wellness using brands like Super Feast and doTERRA.

Fall in Love with doTERRA Essential Oils

As a holistic health coach, I will teach you how to use these beautiful oils to maximize your health and speed up your path to wellness, decrease the toxins in your environment and live a beautiful natural life.

"The brew separated into two different liquids; below, the floral or herbal fluid; above, a thick floating layer of oil. If one carefully poured off the fluid - which had only the lightest aroma ... - the pure oil was left behind - the essence, the heavily scented principle of the plant."

Patrick Suskind

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